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With its pool of knowledge based professionals, MRS Corporation has the capability to carry out the complete array of activities for audio/video and related projects by going beyond the conventional "Concept to Commissioning" model. We come in at the start. We assist potential developers in searching and evaluating opportunities. We remain till the very end- in good numbers- to take total responsibility when the project has been commissioned and is operational.

Members of our dedicated team of professionals get right into the shoes of the owner, and set their minds to providing the best value to the client. Once an assignment is given to MRS Corporation, our engineers own the client's problems, and go about delivering the solutions in the most optimal manner.

Our commitment to the project, from the opportunity search and evaluation stages right through to the commissioning and, if required, through operation stages is the key differentiator vis-à-vis others in the audio/video integration & implementation services space.

We have integrated a diverse market, with our client base expanding from government departments to various commercial sectors. Evolving out of a work culture with continuous emphasis on uncompromising level of service and support, the company demonstrates its leadership and expertise in the industry by going beyond the expected service norms to meet any and every requirement of our customers. This may be one of the reasons why our customers prefer to make us their Business Partners rather than deal with us as a one time supplier.

We stay up to date on technology as it becomes available, but we never suggest new technology just because it is available.

With this rapid development of technology in the industry it is becoming increasingly imperative for us to advise our clientele on selection of effective and suitable equipment for specific requirements. Our company has thus, over the years, diversified to provide important services to different sectors, while still keeping facility modernization as our key focus :
Smart Homes :- Smart Home automation technologies are viewed as integral additions to the Smart Grid. The ability to control lighting, appliances, HVAC as well as Smart Grid applications like, load shedding, demand response, real-time power usage and price reporting will become vital. Green Automation is the term coined to describe energy management strategies in home automation.
Smart Class Rooms:- Learning Enhancement Program, Computer Aided Learning through multimedia projector and interactive devices.
Systems Design & Integration:- E-Control applications and integration of security systems, audio systems, lighting control systems, climate control systems and video systems from one central control system.
Modernization of Conference Rooms, Board Rooms, Lecture theaters and Auditoriums :- Control Systems, Audio/Video Conferencing solutions, Interactive Writing Tablets, Data Display systems, High-End Audio Processing systems.
Command Control Centers, Network Operation Rooms and Critical Safety Units :- Data/Video Walls for 24/7 Applications, Simulation solutions.
Home Automation :- Security Systems, Lighting Control Systems, Audio/Video Distribution Systems, Home Theatre applications.
Consultancy :- Audio & Video, Acoustics, Facility Design, Security, Lighting Design
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